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What is Shaolin?

Learn about the movie and music that inspired us to create Shaolin


01 - Goal of the Game

A brief overview of game play and the ultimate goal of the game

02 - Setting Up the Game

Learn how to set up a game of Shaolin in two minutes or less

03 - Board Layout and Getting Started

An overview of the game board and how to take your first turns

04 - Chamber Track Spaces

Players will encounter three types of spaces along the hexagonal Chamber Track

06 - Buying and Using Fighting Styles

The rules on buying Fighting Styles and how to use them to your advantage

05 - Bridge Spaces Overview

A summary of the Fighting Style and Final Duel spaces found on the Bridge

07 - The Final Duel

A player must demonstrate their skill in a Final Duel before approaching the Abbot

08 - The Abbot Space (Winning the Game)

A final challenge awaits before you can create the 36th Chamber

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